Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Simple Majority Cannot Surmount The Fundamental Challenges Before Nigeria.

The camp of pro-third term supporters in the political equation has
been agog with celebration for the past one week. Both at the upper and
lower legislative houses, the camp that supports tenure extension had a
slim margin in the contest of strength between the two camps.

Constitutional amendment is not a tea party, it cannot be done at the
whim of an individual. It takes an overwhelming resolve of a people to
address and express the course of their destiny as a people. The only
theater where the gladiators from the Presidency, who are bent on
ruling or ruining the nation post 2007 is the National Assembly!

The music considerably changes when you get to the People's Arena. The
Nigerian people are not dancing to the drumbeats of the Presidency's
ambition for 2007. Anytime in the History of Nigeria that a cleavage of
this significant proportion emerges in the polity, a cataclysmic
explosion is always the result. This is the time to increase the
resounding roar of NO TO legislative manipulation of the people's will
for freedom , peace and democracy, to a seemingly obstinate ruling

"Yanga dey sleep", that is the Nigerian metaphor for the present
situation. The solution to the current imbroglio is not located in the
chambers of the National Assembly, the solution is on the streets of
Niger Delta, in the creeks, in the motor garages of Lagos metropolis.
The vote of the legislator would amount to vanity, if the votes of the
down-trodden and restive youth on the streets and creeks are not
factored into the Destiny of Nigeria, Our Nigeria. This is exactly what
the ruling elite despised as it works strenuously to win a legislative
majority for its desire to remain in power beyond 2007.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Bye Bye To April, Happy New Month!

The month of May is unique because it is the 5th month of the year. The number FIVE symbolises GRACE. You cannot win, in any endeavour this month, if you depend solely on your mortal strengths. The energy of the flesh will fail you if you refuse to embrace and acknowledge the the Almighty power of the Divinity.

May, is also a month of political change-over by the time-table of the political class in Nigeria. This means that by this time next year, we would be warming up for the swearing-in ceremony of a brand new government, if the power-obsession game of the present administration led by President Olusegun Obasanjo does not derail our fledging democratic aspirations in Nigeria.

It is time for reflections and corrections. If the year is divided into three, we have just spent one-third. If in your reflections on the first third of the year, you find many errors and mistakes in your pursuit, please don't regret them. The remaining two-thirds of the year can more than compensate for your errors and catapult you forward, if only you can sit down and set time and self apart to meditate on the way forward for the next 8 months remaining in this year.