Friday, April 28, 2006

A Toast To King On His Birthday

He was not my first child, but he is the only son and "center-man" or as football fans would say, the "mid-fielder" that held the "the team of three" together, and also rallied the team to consistent victories of the last six years.

In six years he has lived up to his name, though his birth was humble, (it took the intervention of his Aunt "Aunty Sarah" to get him discharged after birth from the Gilead Maternity in Lagos). His arrival has heralded royalty and honor in my life and family, this six years. His emergence has also ushered us irresistibly into the palace of enthronement, this last six years.

Strangely, he is not the leader of the team, but he is the stabilizing factor for the team. The name of his team forms a perfect sentence of Divine adoration: "We Bring
GRATITUDE To The KING of GLORY" (Team G.K.G). In that order, Gratitude is the Team leader because, she came 8 years ago, followed by King two years later, and wrapped up with Glory two years ago. What an awesome team Almighty God gave me as arrows in the hands of a mighty man!

I dont know how you feel about your children, but being a sensitive and impressionable person, I have not let the pattern and circumstances surrounding their birth be lost on me. All of them are significant including their dates of births and months. That would be a subject for another day on this same Arena of you- the people of Honor and High Esteem!

Meanwhile, Join me today as we celebrate my son's sixth birthday anniversary....Hip....Hip....Hiiiipppp....Horahhhh!!!!!! Toast To King Israel Ojikutu on his birthday today

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